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Dubai is not only a tourist destination but also a prospect for immigrant workers, labors, technicians and professionals from all over the world. Trends have shown that people from far-east especially Philippines are flocking towards Dubai to make the most of both recreation and living while residing in Dubai. Keeping this in regard Mountain Top Tourism is offering economical Kabayan Package from Dubai, Kabayan Dubai Visa and related services to Filipino friends.

You can apply for 30 / 90 days UAE visa, send documents via WhatsApp +971 56 770 9499 or EMAIL at sales@mountaintoptourism.com and get your visa by email as part of our Kabayan Visit Visa Services. Avail our visa services to explore the beauty of UAE with your family, friends and acquaintances. At the same time grab the opportunity to book tickets for your business or job related requirements in UAE by obtaining Kabayan Dubai Visa through us.

  • 14 Days: 350 AED
  • 30 Days: 400 AED
  • 90 Days: 850 AED
  • A to A Visa Change via Dubai Terminal 2
  • 30 Days: 1150 AED (Visa + Ticket)
  • 90 Days: 1450 AED (Visa + Ticket)
  • 90 Days leisure: 2100 AED (Visa + Ticket)
  • Oman Exit by Bus
  • 30 Days: 500 AED (Oman Visa, UAE Visa + 2 way transpo)
  • 90 Days: 1100 AED (Oman Visa, UAE Visa + 2 way transpo)
  • Manila – Dubai Package
  • 30 Days: 1700 AED (Visa, Ticket, Courier & others)
  • 90 Days: 2350 AED (Visa, Ticket, Courier & others)


  1. 1. Guarantor’s passport and visa copy.
  2. 2. Guarantor’s Emirates ID copy.
  3. 3. Guarantor’s filled up Guarantee letter.
  4. 4. Passenger’s passport copy.
  5. 5. Passenger’s passport-size photograph.
  6. 6. Additional cash deposit may be required for certain visitors.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. Visa approval is purely on the immigration’s discretion.
  2. 2. Visa fee is not refundable in both cases of approval or rejection.
  3. 3. Mountain Top Tourism LLC recommend to do all the arrangements like flight or hotel booking after the visa approval and will not be liable for any cancellation or date change charges due to delay in visa approval or rejection.
  4. 4. Passenger (s) should leave UAE within the visa validity.
  5. 5. Passenger (s) / Guarantor is responsible to pay the absconding charges or any fines in case of overstay.
Talk to our Travel Agent on +971 56 770 9499. Mountain Top Tourism LLC.

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